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The Limited Edition Badwood G Pen Elite

g pen dash The new Badwood G Pen Elite portable vaporizer box set collaboration between Grenco Science and Natalie Wood’s Badwood streetwear brand merges the high performance of the popular G Pen Elite vaporizer with the distinct sketching styles of Natalie Wood. Wood’s tattooesque roses and barbed wire artwork wrap the body of the G Pen Elite for a new uniquely-sleek design.https://cannashops420.com/product/g-pen-grenco-science-badwood-g-pen-elite-vaporiazer/

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Natalie Wood is a respected street artist and a budding young streetwear designer. Known for her unique imagery and one-woman-operation initiative, Natalie Wood has since built up a loyal following for her streetwear Badwood brand. The iconic Badwood ‘ski mask’ logo she created was born on the legendary graffiti-clad Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida.

The Broadwood G Pen Elite collector’s box set is a treat for fans of the dry herb vaping innovation of the G Pen Elite and Wood’s distinct artwork. Every order comes with the Badwood G Pen Elite, a Badwood Tray, a Badwood Bottle Opener G Card, a Ski Mask Clutch, a Badwood Mini Marker, a Ski Mask Compact Mirror, a Temporary Lip Tattoo Set, a Sticker Sheet, an Adhesive Bandage Set, a G Pen Elite Keychain Tool, a Cleaning Brush, and a USB Charging Cable. g pen dash

About the Badwood Edition G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Built for experiencing the rejuvenating natural effects of vaping dry herb, the G Pen Elite – Badwood Edition is a state-of-the-art portable vaporizer from Grenco Science.

Offering precise temperature control, an advanced convection heating system, and an all-ceramic heating chamber, the G Pen Elite was designed for real dry herb enthusiasts. This pocket-friendly vape combines a compact and ergonomic design with the highest level of performance and dependability for the ultimate portable vaping experience. Its ergonomic rubberized mouthpiece allows for comfortably cool draws.

Designed to emphasize flavorful vapor, the Badwood G Pen Elite is equipped with a deep all-ceramic heating chamber. The big .75-gram chamber has the largest capacity of any vaporizer in its class, and an advanced convection heating system ensures flavorful vapor clouds free of toxins and harmful byproducts.

Perfect for quick, discreet sessions while out and about, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer – Badwood Edition is equipped with a long-lasting and powerful 110v lithium-ion battery that rapidly heats dry herbs in less than 30 seconds. When a battery recharge is needed, simply plug the USB charger cable into the G Pen Elite and the USB charging device into any USB port.

The Broadwood G Pen Elite Vaporizer features precise temperature control, allowing users to personalize the flavor and cloud production of their sessions. Easily toggle through temperatures between 200°F-428°F using the convenient up and down buttons on the portable vaporizer’s side. The device’s discreet display illuminates the temperature and provides battery life status. Touting a shell with smooth lines and contours, the G Pen Elite – Badwood Edition is an eye-catching and sophisticated portable vaporizer.


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