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The Novex by Ooze

In a continually emerging cannabis market it can be difficult to discern between different smoke accessories and especially vaporizer batteries. No one likes to have a battery that runs out after one day of use, and of course it’s always better to have a battery that can be used for multiple methods of consumption.

Ooze has been pioneering and navigating the cannabis smoke accessory sector for several years now and the company is continually innovating and creating new products for cannabis consumers, striving to help us have the best experience possible. One of their newest products is the Novex, a sleek vaporizer battery that puts the power right into the palm of your hand.

Uses: The Novex is a multi-use battery. For cartridges, you can screw your 510 thread cartridge into the chamber to lock it into place. With the cartridge now safe and secure inside, this style of battery provides an added layer of protection against cracks and shattering from dropping the device. For other concentrates, the Novex features Preheat Mode for wax attachments; it heats continuously for 15 seconds without needing to press the button. It has three different voltage options to choose the correct temperature for your concentrates, which can be changed with a few clicks of the button.

Features: The 3 voltage levels are 3.0V, 3.7V and 4.2V, where you can cycle through them by clicking the button 3 times. Ooze even includes a magnetic charger with the battery, and it also includes a micro USB charging port (but no micro USB charger). This gives consumers another option in case the magnetic piece gets lost (because, well, STONERS!!). When the battery is charging, the 3.0V red light is illuminated, and then switches to the green 4.2V light once complete.

Review: With the Novex’s versatility, sleek design, and operational capabilities it really is the next level of vaporizer battery in today’s cannabis market. It works and packs well, and Ooze has really covered all the bases that consumers consider when using a vaporizer device. Additionally, the company is now including authentication codes on each Ooze battery to ensure each battery is authentic and to combat counterfeits.

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