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The best time to grow cannabis in your yard

Growing cannabis requires a lot of attention on your behalf, but depending on the area where you live, some external factors might not work in your favor. Here are a couple of growth tips that may come in handy:

● It might be better to plant cannabis into containers instead of directly into the ground. This allows you to move the plant wherever sunlight is brighter and warmer.

● Growing cannabis in a container also makes it easier for you to protect the plant under low temperature when it becomes hard to control the temperature of the ground soil.

● Cannabis doesn’t do well in extremely windy areas, as the branches may break, making the plant vulnerable to pests and diseases. If you live in a windy area, considering installing windbreakers.

● Protecting your cannabis plant from insects is really complicated. The best way to do so is to make sure that the plant is always healthy, as it can fight off minor infestations all by itself.

● Cannabis is a plant that requires a lot of nutrients to grow. It’s important to not be tempted to feed your cannabis plants long acting fertilizers such as Miracle Grow. Instead use nutrients that are designed for cannabis. These can be purchased easily online or at your local grow store. Proper nutrients are critical to the final THC levels in your cannabis plants so don’t skimp.


Growing a cannabis plant is a process just as complex as with most other plants or vegetables. The buds of a cannabis plant will be visible in late summer, while the best time for harvesting is October. Keep in mind that cannabis is not one of those plants that you just throw into the ground and forget about it until harvesting: it requires proper caring, soil fertilizing, and watering.

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